What's In Our Bags: The Founders

Antonietta's Bag

Photo by: Rose Tornabene

Photo by: Rose Tornabene

I would just like to precursor that my bag was in the middle of traveling from my home in Connecticut to home in Canada, it usually has a little more work oriented items.

  1. THE BAG, and I mean the bag! It has been through hell and back with me over the last four years. I recommend all of Lululemon products because of the quality, but I would 100% recommend the backpacks.

  2. I always have emails to answer, work to do, and Netflix to watch, so I always need my MacBook on hand.

  3. Clean running shoes for the gym are usually always in my bag, otherwise I’ll forget them.

  4. I’m not sure why a Muscle & Fitness magazine is in there, but lets just all enjoy 50 Cent.

  5. For the always hungry, KIND’s Maple Quinoa granola is a favorite.

  6. I drink tea every day and usually have on me, especially when traveling.

  7. My student ID, another item I need in my bag otherwise I will forget.

  8. I usually keep a book on hand in case I have time to read.

  9. Tinted Burt’s Bees Chapstick is a necessity and often used in place of lipstick when I am lazy, which is often.

  10. Birth control, another item in my bag at all times because I will forget to take it otherwise (not shown the alarm on my phone to remind me).

  11. R&B, as well as No Drought from LUSH are for cleaner looking hair when I haven't had time to shower, or after the gym.

Rose's Bag

Photo by: Rose Tornabene

Photo by: Rose Tornabene

  1. I was never a fan of clutches until I found this bag (in the clearance section of Chapters!) I’ve always liked fully transparent bags, but wasn’t sure if I was ready for that yet, so I opted for this look instead. It’s a great summer bag when you don’t need to carry too much (except a book; I made sure that one fits before I bought it).

  2. Along with summers relaxing days and long nights comes oily faces and sweating profusely. The only thing that maintains all of this excess is wiping my face down every few hours and reapplying Marc Jacob’s Perfection Powder — Featherweight Foundation. It’s one of the few products I’ve found that actually prevents oiliness from reappearing 10 minutes later.

  3. Having a notebook and pen on you at all times is crucial. While I usually make notes on my phone, sometimes good ol’ paper and pen just does the trick (especially when you need to sketch something out). This notebook is fairly thin and creates a support for the bag to keep everything in place like a divider would. The pen was $1 at Muji and writes great!

  4. I’ve always struggled to find a perfume for me. This means I’ll usually use a scent for 2 years, not wear anything again for months, and then find a few things I like around the same time so I often opt to buy travel sizes. Currently, I’m using a summer inspired scent that has coconut and vanilla in it. The packaging is adorable with pineapples. Travel sizes are great for someone who’s always on the go (meaning I’m probably in need of a mid-afternoon spritz).

  5. Chapped lips. Year round. Burt’s Bees has always been there for me.

  6. As someone who is currently juggling two phones, I would think that my batteries would last longer. But that’s not reality. This portable charger is fantastic and can recharge my phone(s) around 6 times before it loses battery. The USB port allows you to plug in basically anything you need to it (including your laptop, but you might only get to charge it once).

  7. Lipsticks. Lip liners as lipsticks. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are great. Any colours I’ve used (Sephora Inside Beauty members, make sure you get your birthday gift this year) has always been highly pigmented and lasts a long time. But when you can’t splurge on makeup products, Annabelle’s lip liners are a great alternative. For around $4 you get a highly pigmented and long lasting product that compares to higher end products.

  8. Cards. Student Cards. Presto Cards. We all have ‘em. We all need ‘em.

  9. S’well water bottles are great because of how minimalist they are. With such a simple design and muted colour, I’ll be able to use this year round. While they are fairly heavy when full (25 oz), they do keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

And yes, somehow all of these things (excepting the water bottle) manages to fit inside this seemingly small bag.