Travel Tips and Essentials

The only thing that makes waiting for a trip bearable is packing. While I do get excited about going on a trip, the prospect of packing can (sometimes) be more exciting than the trip itself. However packing can be overwhelming. No pack for a trip will be like another. Location, time of year, and activities planned will, as you know, alter the items you decide to bring. Below are essentials you will need year round, as well as other tips for your trips. 

Photograph by Rose Tornabene

Photograph by Rose Tornabene

To Pack

  • Adapters if necessary
  • Laptop (only if you’ll actually need it for the duration on the trip, not because you might want to watch a movie in the hotel)
  • Chargers galore!
  • Water! Hydration is key always, but especially when travelling
  • Camera
  • Passport (please, don’t forget it and realize halfway to the airport that it’s not there)
  • Sunscreen, because you know you’ll be walking outside
  • Two books, because what else is there to do on a bus or train

Clothes for a Four Day Trip

  • 3 bottoms, make sure one can be dressed up or down if need be, because you’ll be wearing it twice
  • 2 shirts, again one that can be dressed up
  • 2 sweaters, because you never know what the weather will be like
  • Socks + extra socks, it’s better to be on the safe side
  • Rain coat, preferably
  • 1 pair of shoes! Make your wardrobe work around these

Other Tips

  • Wear your heaviest clothes for travel days, not only will you be able to lighten your load, but there’s a good chance you’ll be cold on the plane or train
  • Always have cash on you, you never know when you might need it (we’re talking to you, restaurants who don’t take cards)
  • Don’t pack shampoo/conditioner unless you’re attached to yours, hotels will supply it
  • Don’t pack your entire makeup case, you’ll probably sweat half of it off while walking anyways or under those hot lights at museums
  • Make sure any tickets are printed prior if need be
  • And remember, if you don't absolutely need it, don’t pack it